How Skin Care Consults Work

Meet Your Skin Care Expert

During your initial consult appointment , you will meet one of our experts in a relaxing, non-intimidating setting. We will get to know you and your history of skin care-related treatments. You will also have the opportunity to express any concerns you might have about your skin, and we’ll address the best treatment options to achieve your desired result.

Comprehensive Skin Exam

From there, a team member will perform a comprehensive facial exam. This is when our experts take time and analyze your skin type, problem areas, and begin creating a plan of action using a combination of our treatments and skincare products. We will take “before” photos to show the progression of your skin throughout the treatment process.

Personal Attention

The Lookshop team ensures adequate time and priority is put into your consult experience. We take the time to get to know you, your skin, and your areas of concern while easing your mind and making sure you are comfortable. We discover every detail from our patients that will help us make the most educated, effective treatment plan for your needs.

Patient Education

The Lookshop is committed to making sure our patients know what and why we are recommending treatments for their skin. Throughout the consult and while making our recommendations, our team will explain our treatment options, skincare products, and clarify any confusion you might have about your treatment plan. We want you to leave your consult without any questions and feel confident that The Lookshop can take care of your needs.

Finalizing Treatment Plan

Our team will create a plan of action for your treatments and specific products, taking into account your budget, lifestyle, and timeline for desired results. We never recommend a treatment or product if we are not confident it will be effective on your skin. We understand the science behind what we are doing and know the importance of crafting a well-balanced, personalized plan. A cost analysis can help you budget for our recommended plan.

Next Steps

Based on the treatment plan we created, we will set up your appointment or series of appointments if needed to complete your services. We will then guide you through what skincare products are effective for your skin and then work them into the plan.

You Will Leave a Skin Consultation With:

  • An understanding of your skin type
  • A customized skin care routine
  • Medical-based product recommendations
  • A personalized treatment plan
  • Knowledge of the importance skin care

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